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Please browse my referral and resource list to connect with other providers in the community if I am not currently able to accommodate you, if you'd like to "shop around" before getting started :) or if you have other collaborative health needs & want some names:

therapy in bozeman | mt

psychiatry in bozeman | mt

Katie Leiter, LCSW

Kara Erickson, PCLC

Alexa Yarnell, LCPC

Wellspring Counseling

Molly Damm, LCPC

Grounded Truth

Kelly Ryan, LCPC

KR Counseling

Susanne Draper, LCPC

Wisdom Aligned​

Montana Psychiatry

Brandy Colvin, APRN & Susanna Darr, APRN

Fronteir Psychiatry

nutrition + eating recovery support in bozeman | mt

Bitterroot Nutrition

Northern Nutrition


need more

For other referrals and directories, please try:


Therapy Den

Mental Health Match

Inclusive Therapists

Ayana Therapy

for more from me:

check out my blog, or sign up for my monthly-ish mental health newsletter.

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