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Please browse my referral and resource list to connect with other providers in the community if I am not currently able to accommodate you, if you'd like to "shop around" before getting started :) or if you have other collaborative health needs & want some names:

therapy in bozeman | mt

psychiatry in bozeman | mt

Molly Basta, LCPC

Bozeman Supportive Counseling

Tobi Bakken, LCPC

Connect Counseling

Alexa Yarnell, LCPC

Wellspring Counseling

Molly Damm, LCPC

Grounded Truth

Mallory Boich, LCPC

Bozeman Therapy

Hilary Burt, LCPC

Sarah Monich Hinkle, LCSW

Interior West Counseling

Susanne Draper, LCPC

Wisdom Aligned​

Kara Erickson, PCLC

Montana Psychiatry

Brandy Colvin, APRN & Susanna Darr, APRN

Fronteir Psychiatry

nutrition + eating recovery support in bozeman | mt

Bitterroot Nutrition


need more

For other referrals and directories, please try:


Therapy Den

Mental Health Match

Inclusive Therapists

Ayana Therapy

for more from me:

check out my blog, or sign up for my monthly-ish mental health newsletter.

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