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I am not taking new clients for individual therapy as of May 2024.

1:1 therapy

Therapy is available in-person in Bozeman and virtually for those across Montana.



Therapy is process towards self-understanding, exploring patterns of thought and behavior, learning how to feel your feelings and regulate your nervous system, breaking beliefs, creating meaning and new perspectives, and potentially inviting in more self-compassion and self-acceptance.


You get to decide what you want from therapy and what you get from it. I will listen to you, provide you with unconditional unbiased and non-judgmental support, offer insight, equip you with mental health and skills backed by neuroscience and psychology, and help you towards your mental health goals.

Learn more about my therapeutic approach and philosophy:

is cool

At least I think so. I mean, what's cooler than breaking generational cycles, shedding stigma, being kinder to yourself, and showing up for your mental health? 



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Modern because I'm not a blankslate therapist. I'm not just going to ask you "how you feel" — I'm want to get to know, learn about you, challenge you, support you, and ask you to reflect and process our work outside of sessions.

Inclusive because I welcome folks of all genders, races, countries of origin, sexual orientations, religions, abilities and body sizes. I welcome conversations on privilege, social justice, and intersectionality & think they greatly inform and affect our mental health.

Relatable because I, too, struggle and don't have it all figured out. I'm an elder millenial with my own journey and own therapist :) I bring my clinical wisdom, life experience, and my inner neuroscience and psych geek into the therapy space with you.


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