Root & Rise 

Psychotherapy and Counseling

In-office and online therapy

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for clients in Washington, DC and Maryland

Life can get busy. Let therapy come to you. We'll help you sort through life's challenges, let go of self-limiting beliefs, and realize your inherent worth all from the comfort of your home, your phone, or your couch. 




I offer a free 15 minute phone call so we can see if we are a good fit!

we help women 

struggling with:

- Anxiety

- Letting go of perfectionism

- Disordered eating and recovery

- Low self-worth

- Not enoughness

- "Imposter Syndrome"

- Depression

- Heartbreak and loss

- Transitions and moves

- Establishing boundaries

- Self-care

how online therapy works

All you need is a private space, a computer or smartphone, a built-in or external camera, a microphone, speakers, or headphones, the latest version of your browser, and a strong Wi-Fi connection 


Sessions can be weekly, every other week, or as needed. I typically recommend starting weekly, and adjusting from there based on your goals and progress.  


Our fee is $150.00 per session.


We do accept some insurances. 


We are in-network with BCBS and Cigna. Most plans cover online therapy, but it's always best to double check if yours does. 


Due to regulations and where my licenses are, you must be in either DC or MD at the time of appointments.


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