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5 Tips for Winter Blues

Our 5 tips to support your mental wellness as the winter months approach.

1. Connect

We tend to stay indoors + avoid being out in cold temperatures, making us susceptible to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Stay connected! see your friends, schedule phone calls, have a distanced & masked hang out. We are social beings and need to feel connection. Don't let the colder days get in the way of your relationships & community.

2. Move

Our bodies are always in motion. The atoms & molecules that make up our bodies are always moving. we are constantly breathing, blinking, digesting, heart pumping, salivating, and regulating hormones. we are a living organism, after all. And because we, humxns, live in our bodies, movement is also huxmn. Stretch, walk, run, dance, ski, climb. do whatever feels good. move simply because it's intuitive. move out of gratitude and respect for your body and all it does.

3. Vitamin D

We do not get enough sun in the winter, that's for sure. Either we're snuggled indoors or bundled in 17 layers making our bodies unable to convert the UVB from the sun to vitamin D3. It's no wonder half of Americans are deficient in vitamin D. Add a supplement or try to incorporate some more vitamin D rich foods like wild salmon, egg yolks, or plant-based mylk alternatives.

4. Create Joy

Find activities that are fun, joyful, energizing, or challenging. try learning a new skill. Join a virtual book club. sign up for a class. rent some snowshoes. Buy some art supplies. Exploring new hobbies not only can help you stimulate your mind and improve your mood, but it also supports making new friends, and fosters learning and growth.

5. Nourish

There is no doubt that nutrition plays a role in mental wellness. Work with your body's natural energetics and eat more warm & cooked foods (as opposed to cold & raw foods). load up on foods like squash, winter greens, lentils, root veggies, broths, grains, & winter berries. Don't forget that while food is undoubtedly healing & nourishing, eating in a way that's restrictive is not health-promoting. you do not need to follow a specific "lifestyle", diet, or way of eating to feel healthy in the winter — or ever!

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